The songs on this album cover a lot of ground, stylistically and lyrically. I don’t tend to like explaining my music, but since most of you probably won’t sit down and listen to this album obsessively, I thought I’d help out a bit and explain some of the material here. It’s not the most detailed, but hey, it can’t hurt.

“No Victories” originated as a loop of what I believe is a brief sample of me singing. I guess I expected the additional layers to be more varied than the two chords in the loop, but the guitars followed the…

Well huh.

May 2 was entirely my choice. I went because I wanted to see Goings again. It was less riveting than April 30 but that’s the reality of being in a studio. I took down the live room myself, which was something, but for the most part I just watched the members of Goings record a lot of vocals.

May 4 was interesting. 8–10am was intense, setting up the entire studio for Bearded Ladies Cabaret Co. It was kind of a blur because I just remember being really busy. 10–12 was also blurry but that’s more because everyone showed…

Oops. Been a while. Let’s summarize.

April 16: The least organized band in the world came in for three hours. They couldn’t keep a beat. They couldn’t sing in unison. They fought. It was really funny for me, but Matt [Weber] definitely lost his patience with them after about an hour. The nice thing about working with such a messy and indecisive band is that it really gets you on your feet. Oh, they suddenly have a cowbell player? Time to set up new mics in a new isolation room so the cowbell doesn’t bleed into the other tracks. Underrated…

April 9 was fun. I got there at 8am to a session (a first so far). Kim Thiboldeaux, the CEO of the Cancer Support Community, came in to record voice-overs for her podcast (interstitial stuff, not the podcast itself). I clearly didn’t realize how prevalent her organization was, because I’d assumed she was the president of something just big enough to publish books and was amazed that she was so good at the voice-overs. Genuinely impressive.

April 13 was different. I knew Amy (the other Tuesday intern) would be late, but now I had to set up my own recording…

I put new RJ45 adapters on some ethernet cables for the headphone stations, and by that, I mean one. That was stressful. It also means I’ve seen Steve three times now compared to Dave’s one. I like Steve.

That wasn’t insightful at all but it’s been a slow couple of weeks. I imagine Friday won’t be super exciting either. The 13th should be fun though.

Almost uneventful. For three hours, I used the control room speakers to mix some songs for my thesis. At 11 I was (metaphorically) pulled out of the control room so Steve could mix.

A few things happened from 11 to 12 but I’m only really comfortable talking about one of them, and that is Matt trusting me to hit “record” as he recorded shaker and tambourine for a song. It’s not much, but it felt like I was actually doing something.

Nothing happened. Plain and simple. Hopefully Friday will be more exciting.

“You’ve gotta have hope.” — David Thomas

Today was fine. Nothing huge happened. I think.

I don’t remember what I did before 10am. I know I vacuumed a few rugs.

By 10:30 I didn’t have a ton to do so I just sat in the control room watching Matt mix. He showed me a pitch correction program called Melodyne. Pro Tools crashed twice. It was a nice time.

I guess one thing happened. On Tuesday, I realized I could record drums in the studio as an intern. Today, I looked over Gradwell House’s April calendar and found the one day there was time in the morning to…

Real quick shout-out to the Medium Workers Union.

Yesterday was different. I knew that Amy, the other intern in the studio on Tuesdays, was recording. I didn’t know that she had asked another intern, Jimmy, to assist. I met Jimmy on my way into the studio, as we had arrived at precisely the same time.

The three of us spent half an hour getting the microphone and headphones working, and the next two hours recording Amy’s vocals. At one point, she was struggling to hit a low F#, so on a whim I said “I can hit that note” and…

On Tuesday I got Pro Tools working.

On Friday I recorded a song with it.

Specifically, on Friday I recorded a song with it using an instrument I’d never played before: the Omnichord. I’d certainly heard of it. It was like a chord organ, but better, and instead of a keyboard there was a pad you could slide your finger across to make nice sounds. If you’ve ever heard the music from Steven Universe, you’ve heard that before. They don’t make Omnichords anymore.

Anyway, it was a pleasant learning experience.

Oh, and I got Matt’s name wrong on Friday. That was less pleasant. I fear I’m making a bad impression on Matt, who I’ve seen every shift so far.

Ben Spizuco

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