Internship Entry 2 — March 12

Great job Ben waiting three days to write this. Anyway…

I was the only intern in that morning. I arrived early and got straight to work on taking out the recycling. I took notice of a “Don’t Use” sign on a bathroom door. Dave Downham said I should make use of Control Room B when I’m done cleaning, to get acquainted with Pro Tools. At about 9am, I met Steve Poponi, Gradwell’s other owner, who took me to the “Don’t Use” bathroom to see what was wrong.

I’m no stranger to clogged toilets but I hadn’t seen one overflow in a while. Good thing the water was clean. Pulled out a ShopVac to suck up the water that had gone behind the toilet and into the walls. Went surprisingly well.

Back in the control room, I spent an hour agonizing over how to get the patch bay to communicate with Pro Tools. I understand the encouragement to get really hands-on with Pro Tools, and I’d be happy to if I knew how to get the guitar plugged into the DI box to play through Pro Tools. If anyone’s around to ask on Tuesday (maybe Amy knows) that won’t be a problem anymore.

Point being, a band called The Insides were in to record 4 songs. They were nice dudes. I decided it would be more productive to watch them track a song for an hour and a half, a decision I’m truly glad I made.

After the trio had a full-band take they were happy with, their drummer (Mark) stayed to refine his drum track. After 6 or 7 takes, their producer (I think his name was Nick) pushed Mark to re-record sections of the song rather than the whole thing to nail certain fills. I recall him attempting a fill 8 times, thinking “I could have nailed that the first time” but knowing “if I were in that seat I’d probably screw it up too”.